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What is Flazzle Pro? Flazzle Pro is a language flashcard...

What is Flazzle Pro? Flazzle Pro is a language flashcard program (Windows NT/2k/XP) which has support for most common languages, currently over 160!

Quick Overview Can input most languages, with excellent support 50+ Onscreen Keyboards (Georgian, Gujarati, Arabic. ) 50+ Profiles for Accent Selectors (French, Hungarian, Italian.

) 40+ Character Palettes (Thai, Tibetan, Linear B. ) 80+ Alphabet selectors (Korean, Hebrew, Azerbaijani. ) 20+ By Sound Inputs (Latin to Malayalam.

) Specific inputs for Chinese, Hiragana, Katakana and VietnameseUses the academically accepted Leitner learning methodNetworked, which means you can use it at schools and universitiesRecord and play high-quality sounds using a microphoneUses text-to-speech so you can learn proper pronunciationCharacter popups show you the meanings of virtually any characterSupports more than 30 common file formats including delimited text Accepted Learning MethodUses the Leitner method, and has 5 boxes depending on how well the word is known.

Words that are correct are moved one to the next box, and words that are wrong go to the start of the first box. Words are scheduled depending on how well known they are.

Words are also 'drawn' from the pack to break down flashcards into smaller parts. Networked and Multi-UserSeamlessly integrates with FTP/HTTP, which means just about anyone with a website can share vocab lists, right within the program.

Also available is a secure server, which supports for user groups (admin, power, restricted and anonymous), can set category permissions and flash vocab, keeping track of progress in a central location.

Multimedia and Text-To-Speech Sound (records high-quality audio that's around 20 times smaller than the original), media (uses the best media control for that platform, for example ActiveShow or Quicktime, codecs need to be installed separately).

Text-To-Speech support is also available for Microsoft SAPI4 (Agent) and SAPI5. Character PopupsInbuilt popupswhich show you the name, type and meaning (if relevant) for a character.

Cantonese/Mandarin popups show the relevant Pinyin information from Unihan, Japanese popups show the On/Kun reading from Kanjidic, and character information from the Unicode character database for all others.

File FormatsSupports more than 30 file formats including Edict, CEDict, JFC, JQuickTrans, CQuickTrans, Wadoku and a delimited text import wizard with automatic detection of encodings, delimiters and text qualifiers.

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